Why should I buy Xtool iOBD2 Mini OBD2 EOBD Scanner?

Why Choose Bluetooth Auto Scan Tool?

As is known to all, get scanners to diagnose trouble codes of a “Check Engine Light” is extremely necessary for car owners. The wide collection of sensors installed in vehicles help us to detect car engine, emission and other problems using OBD2 scanners.


Over the years, OBD2 diagnostic tools have also become increasingly powerful as more features have been added. Most notable is the use of the Bluetooth technology.


Explained briefly below is the advantages of XTOOL iOBD2 Mini Scanner:



XTOOL iOBD2 Mini Scanner can easily communicate with Android and iOS devices via Bluetooth. This means more convenience to drivers who want to easily get information about their cars minus the hassle brought by some wires.


iOBD2 Mini Scanner have a compact size and have been integrated with features perfect for users who are always on-the-go. Moreover, data processing is ultra-fast that users can even view real-time car data in no time.


How do XTOOL iOBD2 Mini Scanner work? It’s simple.

  • iOBD2 app is installed on Android and iOS system.

Note: Some OBD2 scanners may only work in an Android system(MINI ELM 327), while some are designed solely for iOS device(ELM 327), but iOBD2 can work both in Android and iOS devices.

  • Android or iOS device is pair with iOBD2 scanner
  • While the ignition switch is still turned off, plug the iOBD2 scanner into OBD port.
  • Switch ignition on (engine off). The iOBD2 scanner may then start scanning the car.
  • Once Bluetooth connectivity has already been established in between scanner and the phone, users can begin viewing the results of the scan.


Who should consider buying Bluetooth iOBD2 Mini Scanner?


Xtool iOBD2 Mini Scanner is highly-recommended to amateur and professional auto mechanics.


For amateur auto mechanics, the scanner can send out useful data like engine speed, temperature, and fuel economy. These can provide users a somewhat complex, but easy-to-understand view about their cars that can serve as guide when troubleshooting car problems.


For professional auto mechanics, reading generic and OEM trouble codes would be a lot faster. This diagnostic tool likewise offer more features that would surely complement to every professional mechanic’s existing set of automotive tools and equipment.



Something you should notice when planning to purchase a OBD2 diagnostic tool:

  1. Compatibility with vehicles. Good news is XTOOL iOBD2 support all cars after 1996 with OBD2 EOBD protocol. That means if you’ve purchased a car just after 1996, this scanner will be available to work. Still, it would be best to check your car’s make and model on the manufacturer’s site for more information.


  1. You can use iOBD2 Scanner to Read & clear DTCs, Read Live Data, read Freeze Frame Data etc.



  1. Price: Normally, products that offer more features are often more expensive. However, the more costly devices are not at all times the better ones. Other features offered are sometimes not too important, but are there for marketing purposes. This obd2 code reader is $25.99 only, doing the basic function, it’s enough.


For more information about Xtool iOBD2 Bluetooth Scanner for Android & iOS, check it at uobdii.com.