Touareg 3.0 tdi v6 EDC 16CP34 ECU programmers reviews

Car model and ECU type: Touareg 3.0 tdi v6 EDC 16CP34


Read and write ECU

ECU programmers using experience:

@km666 review:

Audi,VW EDC16CP34 reading ok with kess, but sometimes writing only works from bdm.


@ al70 review:

my clone kess works ok with vag using this ecu, when kess requests ignition on / off i just click ok all the time, i don’t touch the ignition, good luck.


@loki954 review:

I never succeeded read that car with any tool that I have from obd port, only BDM. Also you can try read/write with kess clone by k line, this must work.


@ Jurebv review

Fgtech clone V54 can pull it off by obd…kess only ori , also flex can do it bench mode bdm.

Anyway, it depends on clone quality.

This is a reputable supplier of fgtech 0475 at good quality:

EDC16CP34-kess-01 EDC16CP34-kess-02


@ mysterious review

MPPS v18 clone read/write this old ecu without problem, and china mpps v13 also ok.


5 : +12V ( term.30 )

1 : GND ( term. 31 )

18 : +12V ( term. 15 )

72 : K Line

89 : CAN High

66 : CAN Low


Connect ecu on bench. If You still have problem with external voltage in MPPS, this means, that Your equipment is defective!


@Willinickersen review:

Read and write by VCP with edc16 subscription.


To be upgrading…