Read and write PCF79xx cheap solution: Iprog+ clone + sd-card adapter

Cheap PCF79xx reading & writing solution: Iprog+ clone + sd-card adapter.







Read and write the above PCF79XX chip through MSDA, MSCL lines.


Watch video on how to read PCF7953 with Iprog+ clone + sd-card adapter:


Words and images:

1.Plug the PCF79XX sd-card adapter into the Iprog+, and the PCF79XX chip board to the adapter, then use the USB cable to connect Iprog+ clone and a PC.



2.Open Iprog 55.exe.



3.Click on MCU, then “PCF79XX + SD”, then “pcfprog_v2.ipr”.



4.Type of PCF: PCF7953.

Click on “Connect”.

You will see both SD-card LED2 and LED1 light on.

read-write-pcf79xx-006 read-write-pcf79xx-007 read-write-pcf79xx-008


5.Click on “Read eeprom”.



6.Read 100% ok.


7.Next is to click on “Write eeprom”.


iprog+ clone + PCF79XX sd-card adapter pros:

1.Easy to operate

2.Cheap, less than 200usd. is available with 3 package for your choice:

SE147-C+SE147-B1 :175USD

SE147-1+SE147-B1 :139USD


(Any of SE147-C, SE147-1, SE147-B is iprog+clone, SE147-B1 is PCF79XX sd-card adapter)


iprog+ clone + PCF79XX sd-card adapter cons:

Read and write PCF7922 :NO

Read and write PCF7945:NO

***VVDI Pro programmer + PCF79XX Adapter is the way to go.

read-write-pcf79xx-11 read-write-pcf79xx-12 read-write-pcf79xx-13 read-write-pcf79xx-14