How to use Yanhua Single Probe Solderless Connector?

Yanhua Single Probe Solderless Connector

Compatible devices: Any devices in the market, i.e Yanhua Mini ACDP

No soldering, No risk!


  1. Provide solderless connecting during in-circuit programming (ICP) testing.
  2. Connect the Boot point when opening DME shell to read ISN code.



  1. Excellent versatility: compared with the traditional ECU worktable, it is compact in size, easy to carry, has multiple fixing modes, more suitable for outdoor or indoor work.
  2. Simple and high efficiency operation: the connection can be simply completed by pulling and pressing.
  3. Modular design: free switch among single point connection, multi-point connection and combination connection.


Connection diagram:

yanhua-single-probe-solderless-connector-01 yanhua-single-probe-solderless-connector-02


5 steps to use the Single Probe Solderless Connector:

Step 1. Fix the chip.



Step 2. Fix and straighten the flexible arm.



Step 3. Align and prick the probe at the test point.

Use the PCB probe board to align the through -hole test point or solder pad test point.



Step 4. Press the PCB probe board with flexible arm.

Note that the angle between the flexible arm and the PCB probe board should be kept at 90°.



Step 5. Check the contact point and the probe compression.

Adjust the inclination of flexible arm according to the length of the probe compression.