OBDStar X300 DP Plus / X300 Pro4 software Delete Method

Dear Obdstar X300 DP Plus / X300 Pro 4 users, when you don’t need a single software or multiple software, you are allowed to uninstall /delete the software, This is the same as when we delete the software on an Android phone.

The method to delete a single software.

  1. Go to thecorresponding car series software interface, long press on the software namefor example Ducati V30.00.

  1. After you see the tips comes out, tap[Delete].

  1. V30.00 has been deleted.

The method to delete software in bulk.

  1. Tapthe house icon

  1. Tapthe following icon shown as below.

  1. Tap[ES File Explorer].

  1. Tap[DP] folder.

  1. Tap on [DP] check box, click [Delete].

  1. Tap[OK].

  1. File has been deleted successfully.

Alright, thank you!