Nissan Consult III work 100% OK with Renault CAN CLIP software

I was wondering if a Nissan Consult III hardware works with Renault CAN CLIP. Then I went to forums to search for it.

This is the Consult III I’m talking about (Chinese clone with the pcb above)

NOTE: you will be at risk to try this.

Review from TizWoz

Yes it will work with both, it is alliance B
Do not but the ones flying around with the WHITE < <16 PIN CONNECTOR.
As regards programming, im unsure because I never tested, However there are can clip interfaces that are alliance B and they work fine.

Review from blck

If that is recognized as VI alliance by drivers this will work with Clip and Consult too
I’d say that there is very high chance of success.

Review from ABD Jeffrey

Nissan consult 3 can work with Nissan and Renault cars, while there is only nissan software come with the interface, you need to buy renault software extra

Review from pb1234

Consult-3 A

Consult-3 B

I know that there are good clones. I had one in the picture,, A,, worked perfectly with Nissan and Renault Clip.

It is risky to start with this hardware, for example, flashing the control unit of the vehicle. That’s why I at first was looking for the original hardware, or really good clone.