Does clone WITECH VCI POD support update?

Having bought WITECH VCI POD clone from China. But the software is a bit old so I want to get it on the new version and try to update it, you know. Google and find that some people have succedded in updating their clone wiTECH. Below is some of their personal experience shared on forums.

I have one of the clones, it works just like a real one. It doesn’t have wifi or Bluetooth, but usb and Ethernet work perfectly. It comes with a slightly older version of witech (v13.03.38) so I downloaded v14.01.20 and installed it and it works fine. v14.01.20 includes a OS upgrade for the VCI POD itself and I was worried it would fail and brick the pod, but it installed perfectly fine on the pod. I the pod went from system version 3.x.x to 4.x.x (I can’t remember the exact version numbers). I am really pleasantly surprised with this thing, I almost expected it to be fake which is why I ordered it through a website that holds my money in escrow and doesn’t pay the seller until I get the product and am satisfied with it.

Sept 2013 Bought only one on eBay at the time for $950 came with version 13.xx. The clones do not have a wifi radio like the real thing, but otherwise function the same. (perhaps the quality is not, but seems OK)

…with all the updates (15.xx + newest Adobe AIR) and then give him Teamviewer remote access. Watched as he transferred files and did whatever else to magically unlock the application so it worked with the newest version and while being online….The pod does work on another laptop that still has 14.xx with the emulator included, so will leave that one alone for just that purpose, at least until hopefully find the way to have emulator work with 15.xx.

However, is the clone pod really support update?

the tip in their web like this:



Then I decided to talk to the technicians at uobd2 and after having a long conversation with them, they noted that theoritically, clone WITECH doesn’t support update online. When customers received hrysler Witech vci pod clone, do not connect internet to update Witech vci pod. When installation Witech vci pod software, Do not connect internet too or it will be Damaged.

And the technician also said it is the wireless connection and update, online programming that make original WItech and clone ones different from each other. So it hardly support update for clone pod.

Post it here just for helps those with clone WITECH VCI POD diagnostic mux, for too many talks about clone WITECH update on webs.