Cheap working VXDIAG VCX NANO, the replacement of VCM / VCM2

July 08, 2015, uobd2 release one new Ford Mazda scanner produced by VXDIAG Company, named VCX NANO for Ford Mazda with IDS V95 and sales for $109. Then, at July 14, 2015 the customer Jaroslaw XXX from United Kingdom bought one. Today is November 25, 2015 and there are already 61 members from different countries own VCX NANO for Ford Mazda.

Why VCX NANO for Ford Mazda is so popular?

According to these customers feedback, it is not only cheaper than VCM/ VCM2 which price range from $268-$99, but also working well as long as you can install the driver, usually the users are recommended to install driver on VMware machine. Besides, VXDIAG VCX NANO is compatible with original IDS.

Why buy from

Customer feedback, the is 8 years-old trustful site, besides engineer make the video demo which show how to step-by-step install Ford IDS and Mazda IDS, and keep make video after the newest software release.

Latest IDS video demo for example:

VXDIAG VCX NANO diagnostic scanner, the cheap working replacement of VCM / VCM2 to work with Ford, Mazda, Jaguar and Land Rover, and it is available with both wired and wireless specification.

For Ford and Mazda

  • VXDIAG VCX NANO for Ford/Mazda (wired version)

Cover both Ford and Mazda till 2015 year with FORD IDS Version V97 and Mazda IDS Version V96, while it update often.

It can be compatible with OEM software of Ford IDS and Mazda IDS.

It is Multilanguage available including

English/German/French/Italian/Spanish/Dutch/Slovenian/Finnish/Danish/Norwegian/Portuguese (European)/Portuguese(Brazil).

It shares as the same function as VCMII, however it is only $109 +shipping.


  • VXDIAG VCX NANO for Ford/Mazda with WIFI wireless version

It shares as the same features/function as the above wired version, but it cost much sale for $119+ shipping.


For Land Rover and Jaguar

  • VXDIAG VCX NANO for Land Rover and Jaguar Software V141 (wired version)

Software version and update: With SSD v141 and update often with newer vehicle coverage.

Vehicle coverage: it covers both Diesel and gasoline cars, it supports all protocols of Land rover and Jaguar, it is replacement of OEM tool of SPX VCM and i-VIEW. It covers 2005 to 2014 year vehicles of Jaguar and Land Rover, covers L316, L319, L320, L322, L359, L405,L494, L550, L538 Land Rover Vehicle Lines, covers X100, X150, X152, X202, X250, X350, X351, X400 Jaguar Vehicle Lines.

Available with Multilanguage including


The wired version is only $99 + shipping cost.


  • VXDIAG VCX NANO for Land Rover and Jaguar Software V143 WIFI Version

The wifi wireless version share as the same function as the wired version, but i $20 more than wired version, the wired version costs $119+shipping.