New Genius Repair Programs within TF Card Free Download

This is the the solutions for what to do if files/ programs with New Genius TF card don’t work- to rest TF card, or to download repair programs for use.


Solution 1 – to rest TF card for K-touch programmer

Step 1 Format TF card


Step 2 Run Win32DiskImage to write

Step 3 Connect to use

K-Touch-TF-reset-2 K-Touch-TF-reset-3



More detailed instruction on TF card reset:

Video guide for TC card reset:

Solution 2 – free download repair programs with TF card in New Genius/ ktouch (53,111.0K) (194,361.0K) (195,344.0K) (195,222.0K) (195,161.0K) (195,242.0K)