MicroPod 2 wiTech with DRB 3 for 2005 Chrysler Crossfire, where to get?

Question: MicroPod 2 wiTech 17.04.27 for Chrysler Diagnostics and Programming, does it work on 2005 Chrysler Crossfire. Where is a good site to get one that is if they work? What is the best way to troubleshoot complete system? I want the one with the DRB 3.


Here’s the link most of us have used to order the Micropod2 w/DRB3 Emulator, Everything that came works! I ended up buying a re-conditioned laptop for something like $85-$90.

For the current software download link for this, looks to me that the link I posted above works. Everything was delivered, including the CD with the DRB3 Emulator software.

MicroPod 2 wiTech v17.30.10 free download:


and details from this article:


Facts speak louder than words, here are some users’ feedback:

Review 1. Just received mine today, wish me luck installing and using it.

Review 2. Got mine as well. Works fine, except for connecting to the Airbag Module. Not sure what the problem is. Would be great if you could share your experience. Good luck!

And there’s someone gave him advice: Are you doing a total module scan or scanning individual modules through the DRB III emulator? I’ve had more success just selecting each module individually. What year is your car? There are quite a few aftermarket scanners than can scan the airbag module without any issues.

Review 3. I have purchased and used MicroPod 2 wiTech on 2005 srt6 coupe to perform a TPMS Relearn and 2007 ltd roadster (us versions) to diagnose a defective air bag control module. It takes some work to get the software set up. But once you do, it works fine. This Micropod 2 Clone works with the Enhanced DRB 3 Emulator. Cost is about $170 (plus win 7 or XP laptop).

Question: Learned today that both local CDJR dealers in my area got rid of all their DRBIII software & scanners. So what exactly do I need to purchase to have the Enhanced DRB 3 Emulator up & running? Need to get the 2 new TPMS wheels sensors (installed on Driver-Side) communicating with TPMS Module & turn of the TPMS warning light.


You will need this:

1) Good computer knowledge

2) A laptop with a clean Windows XP or Windows 7 installation on it. Nothing else. Networking and Updating turned off.

3) A Micropod 2 Clone

4) Follow these instructions (How to install DRBIII Emulator for Micropod 2 on WIN7)

5) A TPMS tool to “chirp” the sensors so the vehicle can read them (I use the Autel TS601)

6) Perform a TPMS Relearn sequence using DRB III Emulator. Chirp each wheel when requested by the emulator. (Takes about 5 minutes).