Free download wiTech 2 v17.03.10 v17.04.27 with DRB III emulator engineer share a reliable MicroPod 2 wiTech v17.03.10 software download link in this post, and share the newest but not reliable wiTech v17.04.27 free source. wiTech v17.03.10 link contains the DRB III emulator.

Free download witech 2 v17.04.27:!aHoHnIIK!xMk41bPFQ8zzZexxRcq1RA

Credits to the member on mhhauto.


Free download witech 2 v17.03.10!BNAjnAQB!AWiM7QTImGt5n0XvgqNLF6rZ87gFQ4GqC9rl4dOtYcY

Provider: engineer and more stable than witech 2 v17.04.27

You will need this:
1) Good computer knowledge
2) A laptop with a clean Windows XP or Windows 7 installation on it. Nothing else. Networking and Updating turned off (connect MicroPodII to vehicle, if the red indicator turns on, then connect to laptop and run software).
3) A Micropod 2 Clone for Chrysler Diagnostics and Programming
4) Follow these instructions How to install DRBIII Emulator for Micropod 2 on Windows 7 Pro 32-bit

Multi-languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Korean and Chinese

Workable cars: Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Fiat

Diagnosis: Confirmed

Programming online/offline: Confirmed


With the DBR III emulator and works:

witech micropd 2: DRB III emulator confirmed working, but it doesn’t contain DRB III emulator in the package, you have to buy your own separately.

Besides, WITECH VCI POD comes with DRBIII Emulator, works offline and more stable.

There are free source of DRB III Emulator on Mega:

*** Please use the free source at your own risk, no one will take responsibilities for any risk.

I managed to make the Enhanced DRB III Emulator work with a micropod clone on V17.04.27 Witech with Windows 7 32 bits all offline mode and no subscription.

First install Witech then install the DRB emulator and then the enhanced one.

find it here : C:\ProgramData\wiTECH\jserver\data\core\stubs

Or use the files from here:!9Y0FhIob!TlTqWuW_kaXrL3Lh22GUX8SAAKRd19TRuZkQubVNQA0
(Free, shared by mhhauto member.)

Afterwards plug usb in pod then pod in the car turn ignition to on position and at last in the laptop

Open web browser, i used firefox and in the address bar put this and press enter : http://localhost:9876/launchExternalApp?appName=drb_iii_enhanced_emulator&locale=eng_ENG&deviceIp=

It will launch the enhanced emulator.

Read this article: what is Enhanced DRB III Emulator and how to install?


How to tell a good quality witech clone?

-> working exactly like an OEM unit.

-> No errors and tested functions on different vehicles.

-> confirmed working with unmodified software wiTECH v17.03.10 (downloaded directly from Chrysler) and online (logged into TechAuthority).

-> used it on a 2014 dodge avenger just fine.

-> was able to flash a module update and program a new key with the unit.

-> uploaded pictures of the internals for those who are curious.

micropod-2-witech-pcb-1 micropod-2-witech-pcb-2 micropod-2-witech-pcb-3 micropod-2-witech-pcb-4

And this HQ MicroPod 2 outlook