XTOOL X100 Pro2 Porsche Cayenne mileage correction via OBD

XTOOL X100 Pro2 is one of the best mileage programmer by OBD, we get one end of this cable plugged into the tool, the other end is plugged into the diagnostic port. I have a glance and find it has a wide range of vehicles.

Personally, so many over the years so many diagnostic tools that claim to do mileage programming and sort of OBD2 cables where you have to take the dash out, you have to install complex software onto laptops and PCs and so on. They just make the whole process really difficult even previous generation dedicated mileage correction tools they’ve always invoked sort of bring the dashboard out, soldering in the new chips…


Car example: Porsche Cayenne after 2010 year

Old mileage: 105657 miles


I’ll go ahead and change the mileage and show you how simple it is.

Click on “Dashboard”.


Europe V29.35.


It will take 1 minute or so for the database to load.

Just to bear that in mind if you are looking to maybe buy this tool for Ford, Vauxhall etc, but as I see it this is what I’m waiting for. It’s a lot cheaper than all of the mainstream or a lot of the other high-end mileage correction tools. So I’ve got a list of all the manufacturers here. Scroll down to “Porsche”.


Select “Cayenne”.


Year: 2010 – (after 2010 year).


First of all to “Backup and mileage”.


It can’t change from kilometers to miles as well, I’m gonna choose “Miles” because that’s what we’ve in right now.


Choose “New file”, press “OK”.


Save the previous file, name it “05”.



Reading data…It depends on the vehicle, this can sometimes take 2 or 3 seconds, sometimes they can take a minute.

It’s backup file in case we make a mistake we can revert back to that backup file, you see so the file is gonna be named zero five.


The mileage read out is 105685 miles.


Please input the mileage of the adjustment: 76700.


The light on the dashboard should all drop off and then it’s come back on. And it says adjustment complete on screen and it’s 76672 miles displaying on the dashboard.


Back to select “Recovery”.


Press “Yes” to confirm the selected data file is written back to the instrument.


Please select the current vehicle to recover the original data file, otherwise it will damage the instrument.


Choose “05.bin”.


Writing data…

Recovery successfully.

It’s now 105657 miles, that’s exact mileage as it was.



I’ve never seen a tool within such compact size for such a good price. Which does the mileage correction such easily. I’ve tried XTOOL X100 Pro2 on other cars like Kia, VW, Mercedes, other Porsches (911 and Boxster) as well. This is the best and easiest mileage correction tool on the market.

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