Ktag 2.25 7.0.20 clone ME 7.1. ME 7.5. full backup

VW Beetle 2.5 ME7.1.1 has a bad ecu, AlienTech ktag wont clone 7.1.1, what about China Ktag Clone?

Cloning is possible. Make full backup ktag boot and write to secondhand ecu.

Plan B is to transfer eeprom chip

Plan C eeprom programmer on both flash and eeprom

Plan D immo off eeprom

ME 7.1. ME 7.5. full backup with Ktag 2.25 7.0.20 clone.

Reading from protocols select ME VAG 7.1 plugin 48 or 50, read only solder boot pin, if cannot read there is a jumper 000 on the back side, just remove it. there is info which one on the net…


Okay, hope it helps!