Can Yanhua Mini ACDP write new key when old lost key is already written?

Question: Is it possible to use Yanhua Mini ACDP with Module 9 to write a new key when an old lost key is already written?

I do it on the bench, not in the obd!  so I wanted goats once I have read the file and the list of Keys comes out, can I write the new key do I have to have an old key already written?

Yanhua Chief engineer replied:

The new key can be written directly by removing the KVM to read data and match, and the old key is not required.

Look at this video on add a new key for Jaguar LandRover after 2015 year:


Where is the KVM module located?

How to dismantle KVM module, how to connect KVM module to ACDP?

Next is to add key for Jaguar LandRover with ACDP APP by following this article

Hope it helps!