KEYDIY KD900: Smart Match Indefinitely (Solved)

I’m using the hand held key tool KD900 with smart match… but it displays “Smart Match Indefinitely”? Can you advise what this means? And how to solve?


It means no smart match.


Why doesn’t your kd900 have the smart match anymore?

Before it has a smart match but when new update last June smart match is gone.


The ‘smart match’ function is not open for the KEYDIY KD-X2.
What you watched was the special copy function, for remotes that aren’t in the KD. So that’s something different.


Smart match used to match on Vw stuff but for some reason got removed
And I have never been able to clone a remote on KEYDIY KD900
Like your man said get your car into remote programming mode and then work through the list from the bottom and use “simulate device”


kd900 don’t have smart match any more.


KD-X2 is your way to go.