Kess V3 Clone VAG EDC16U1 on Bench

How to clone VAG EDC16U1 ECU with Alientech Kess V3?

It can be done via OBD/Bench/Boot according to the specific model.

i.e. Skoda Octavia Combi 1Z5 (2004) EDC16U1

Support connection mode: OBD, bench and boot

Here take bench mode as an example.


Remove the ECU from the vehicle

Connect to the ECU

Select Identify ECU in the programming menu to allow correct recognition of the ECU

Always make a full backup of the ECU

Proceed with read backup and write backup.

Connection modes:

Accessory Direct
Bench power supply 1400K3ALIM
Multiwire cable 144300KBNC
Extensions for multiwire cable 144300KTER

Plug in the bench power supply 1400K3ALIM to the KESS3

Connect the cable 144300KBNC to the ECU connector, using the appropriate extensions 144300KTER according to the pinout below.

Pin Color Description
Pin 5, 18 Red VECU
Pin 1 Black GND
Pin 72 Yellow K-Line
Pin 58 Light Blue GPT1
Pin 28 Pink GPT2


Connect Kess V3 to EDC16U1 ECU and computer by the corresponding cable, and supply power to Kess3 as well

Run Alientech Suite software

Input edc16u1 to choose the desired ECU model

Select Bench connection mode

Start to perform the read/write functions.

Identify ECU OK

Read backup OK, takes about 3 minutes

It also can write data fast!

Besides, Yanhua ACDP 2 with Module 32 also can clone VW EDC16U1 ECU.

Wiring diagram:

PIN 58: T0 (Brown)

PIN 28: T1 (Orange)

PIN 5, 18: 12V (Yellow)

PIN 1: GND (Black)

PIN 72: K-LINE (Purple)

Connect ACDP 2, K-Line Adapter, K-Line cable and EDC16U1 DME according to the above wiring diagram correctly.

Mini ACDP APP Menu Path:

Module>> K-Line module clone>> EDC16U1/U31/U34/CP34 (VAG)>> Identify>> Full backup data>> Full write data