VAG EDC16 and EDC17 Read/Write by Xhorse Multi Prog on Bench

Have a VAG EDC16U34 and a VAG EDC17CP44 ECU, use Xhorse Multi-Prog Programmer to read and write data on bench, works like a charm!

1.Read/write VAG EDC16U34

Pinout diagram

Follow the pinout diagram to connect Multi Prog and ECU via ECU Adapter Multi Prog Solder Cable, and connect to a PC, supply power to device as well

Multi-Prog software operation:

ECU model: Volkswagen Golf VAG_BOSCH_EDC16U34

Read EXT EEPROM ok. Take 40s 356ms

Read EXT Flash ok. Take 2min 14s 77ms

Read INT Flash failed. Because the EDC16U34 ECU is based on what the MPC have or don’t have the internal flash.

Save EXT EEPROM and EXT Flash data after reading- success

Click [Verify] to write the data for calculating the checksum online.

Checksum calculation is successful.

Write operation takes 1min 14s 220ms

2.Read/write VAG EDC17CP44

Pinout diagram

Connect Multi-Prog Programmer and EDC17CP44 ECU correctly


Read INT EEPROM ok. Take 3min 11s 670ms

Read INT Flash ok. Take 5min 10s 689ms

Write INT Flash ok. Take 3min 27s 611ms

Xhorse Multi-Prog Programmer with Free MQB48 License: