I-2014 Multi-Diag for J2534 Pass-Thru OBD2 Mux-it’s all here

Here, uobd2 offers all about I-2014 Multi-Diag, including free download, installation instruction, and software display, etc.

Free Download I-2014 Multi-Diag:


Operating SystemWindows XP; Windows 7 32bit

Support Multi-languages:  English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Hebrew, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovenian, Swedish, Turkish

Compatible device:

J2534 Pass-Thru OBD2 Device


How to install Multi-diag 1-2014:

1). Open folder (1) Key on the CD and run the file KeyUpdate. Then confirm and wait for the message “successfully installed XXXXXX” and click “OK”

2). Start the installation folder (2) 1-2014 During your installation, if the software request an unlock key 31-xxxxxxxxxx, please contact us with the key to obtain an activation code.

3). Select the language, then it will continue to install,  please wait until the software complete installation, usually it will take about 30 minutes to 2 hours, how much time to wait it depends on your computer configuration. When the message display saying “Multi-Diag is currently installed with profile ACTIA. Before you can use the program, you must restart your computer.” Click “No, I will restart my computer later” and click “Finish”

4). Go to the following folder C: \ ACTIA \ portal and then delete the file “WEGT.EXE”, and clean “Recycle Bin”

5). After delete this file, open folder (1) Key on the CD and run the file KeyUpdate. Then confirm and wait for the message saying “successfully installed XXXXXX” and click “OK”

6). Then install “xs-ime-pt-207p-workshop.exe”.  At the step, please connect the device to the car, then use the USB cable to connect with the computer, then it will prompt to install Pass Thru driver.

7). Go to My Computer – Properties – Hardware – Device Manager, when you find PC- 201411261510 – I+ME ACTIA XS Device and PassThru+ XS USB Driver, it means Multi Diag Access has successfully establish communication with the computer.

Then you can restart the pc.

Software display:

i-2014-multidiag (4) i-2014-multidiag i-2014-multidiag (1) i-2014-multidiag (2) i-2014-multidiag (3)

I-2014 Multi-Diag Access J2534 newly added cars:

i-2014-multi-diag-access-j2534-5 i-2014-multi-diag-access-j2534-1 i-2014-multi-diag-access-j2534-2 i-2014-multi-diag-access-j2534-3 i-2014-multi-diag-access-j2534-4

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