How to marry ECM/ECU to Saab 9-3 Sedan  


I do know that you have to divorce the one in your vehicle and then marry your new or used one in with a tech 2 scanner. You also have to make sure that the ECU or ECM you are putting in comes from a car with the same Engine, Transmission, and Year. The Vin should look similar and the closer the better according to this SAAB mechanic I spoke with.

My question is. Does the donor ECU have to be divorced from the donor Saab prior marrying it with your car?


You do not need to divorce any module. You just enter your VIN when you get to that screen on the GM Tech2.

Think about it this way, if the ECU was completely fried it could still be replaced with a new one. The old (any old module – not just ECU) needs to be removed via GM Tech 2 from the car that is getting a replacement module. The donor car does not matter at all. Then the replacement module gets added to the car via Tech 2 needing a replacement module. The module may need SPS programming to load the correct version of software based on Engine, Market and other options depending on the module.

These are the procedures:

Note: TIS2000 software may be required in the following procedures.

Procedures: before dismantling control module:

procedures before dismantling the control module-01


The control module is sensitive to electrostatic discharges. In order to prevent damage tointernal components in control modules, they must be changed very carefully in the followingmanner:

  • Never touch the pins on a control module with your hands or clothes.
  • Ground yourself by touching the car body/engine. Unplug the connector on the car’s control module.
  • Ground yourself by touching the car body/engine. Plug-in the connector on the car’scontrol module.

When the control module is to be replaced

  • Place the old control module in the return packaging without touching its pins.
  • Keep the new control module in its packaging as long as possible.

Before removing a control module, Tech 2 must be used to separate the control module fromthe car. From the “All” menu, select the control module under “And/Remove”. Then select”Remove” and follow the instructions. The ignition key must be in the ON position. TIS 2000 may be required. Once the control module has been separated from the car, turned the ignition key to the OFF position. The control module can then be removed. Carry out the “Remove” action with Tech2 even if the control module cannot be contacted or is completely missing because data in other control modules must be changed.

The action involves the following:

Security codes will be reset, bus lists updated, data in other control modules updated and data

that may have to be written into a new control module read and displayed.

Procedure: Measures after changing the control module

SPS programming

Connect Tech 2 and use TIS 2000 to check whether the control module needs to be programmed. Access the menu “SPS”, select “Read control module data” and follow the instructions. The intention is that the control module shall be loaded with the latest available software and in addition adapted to the car model and market.

After SPS programming: Check that the clock is set correctly and that pinch protection is working. If necessary, set the date and time and carry out Calibration of pinch protection.


When the control module is fitted and in some cases SPS programmed, Tech 2 must be used to “marry” the control module to the car. Access the menu “All” and select control module under “Add/Remove”. Then select “Add” and follow the instructions. The ignition key must be in the ON position. TIS 2000 may need to be used.

This happens with regard to data:

Characteristics files are downloaded, security codes are loaded, bus lists are updated, data in other control modules is updated and trouble codes are deleted from all control modules.


Procedure: Trionic T8 control module replacement:

To remove

Carry out actions before removing control module.

1.Ignition key in LOCK position.

2.Remove the upper engine cover.

to remove-02

3.Carefully press down the catches and carefully unplug the connectors from the control module one at a time so that the connection pins, etc. are not damaged.

to remove-03

4.Remove the control module.

to remove-04 

To fit

1.Fit the control module. Do not forget the ground cable.

to lift-05

Tightening torque 10 Nm (7 lbf ft)


Take care when plugging in the connector so as not to damage or press out the pins/sleeves in the connector. For further information regarding connectors, refer to Connectors, handling and inspection.

  1. Plug in the connectors and check that they are locked.


  1. Fit the upper engine cover.

to lift-07

Carry out actions after replacement of control module.