Digiprog 3 CANNOT connect to PC/Laptop (fixed by FT232BL chip)

I just got the odometer correction tool Digiprog 3 V4.94 from China, but it is a pity that the Digiprog3 cannot be connected by USB cable. When I am trying to update, but the usb didn’t work, nothing detect… Then I went to ask a friend working in a repairing garage and he disassembled their Digiprog 3 for me.


After comparison with mine, I found that there is no FT232BL in my V4.94 board but the rest of the components seems to be in place…



Then I ordered FTDI ft232bl chip on ebay, and soldered the FTDI chip. Now, it works perfect. No problem with the drivers all installed by themselves.


digiprog-3-cannot-connect-to-pc (2)

digiprog-3-cannot-connect-to-pc (1)

Note: Anyone in need of odometer correction device, go to uobd2 to buy Digiprog III (my friend bought it there with USB chip). Do not blind to the low price for China clones…