How to Transfer Data with Lonsdor K518 Pro?

Lonsdor K518 Pro Key Programmer supports data edit and transmission. It can work with Android/IOS smartphone via Bluetooth or other tablets to transfer the data.

Method 1: K518 Pro transfer data with smartphone via Bluetooth

i.e. nova 9 SE smartphone

1.Send file from K518 Pro to smartphone

Step 1: Edit data

Go to K518Pro main menu, and click [Edit data] in the menu bar

Select Open file, and choose the file you want to transfer (i.e. Lexus.bin)

Path: Storage/emulated/0/customfile/LEXUS.bin

Click Edit data, and input the name and save the file

Step 2: Transfer file to smartphone

Turn on Bluetooth on K518 Pro tablet

Path: Settings>> Bluetooth settings>> Turn on Bluetooth

Turn on Bluetooth on Android/IOS smartphone

Path: Settings>> Bluetooth>> Turn on Bluetooth

Go to K518 Pro tablet menu, click Settings>> File manager

Choose the file (LEXUS.bin) just saved in step 1

Long press it and click Share

Choose the smartphone name and send the file

2.Send file from smartphone to Lonsdor K518 Pro

Go to smartphone menu

Select Tools>> Files to choose the file you desire

Click Share>> Bluetooth>> k518pro to send the file

At the same time, you will get a file receiving message on your K518 Pro key programmer

Click “RECEIVE” to receive the file directly

Method 2: Transfer data from other tablet to K518 Pro

i.e. Autel IM508/IM608

Step 1: Export data from Autel to a PC via USB disk

Go to Home menu.

Open ES File Explorer>> Scan folder>> sdcard folder>> Scan folder>> UserData folder

Select Programmer folder that you can see the chip data saved

Mount the data you desire to export

Insert USB disk into Autel tablet

Go to usb folder and paste the data here

Then insert usb disk to laptop and export data to PC.

Step 2: Transfer data from PC to K518 Pro via USB cable

Use the USB cable in the Lonsdor K518Pro package to connect the device and PC

Copy the data desire and paste it to the device directly

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