Lonsdor K518 Pro Language Switch and OBD Cable Self-check Guide

Lonsdor K518 Pro key programmer has Language Switch and OBD Cable Hardware Self-check functions in the software system.

Follow this post to check the detailed operation guide.

K518 Pro supports multi-language: English (by default), Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish, Swedish, Burmese, Khmer, and Hebrew.

If you want to change the language from English to another language, you can do as follows.

For example: English-> French

Connect K518 Pro to WiFi

Select Settings>> Language switch>> French>> OK

The language package will be downloaded automatically.

Language switch is successful

Reboot the K518 Pro key programmer

Input the screen lock password to enter the device again

Now the language is French.

  • How to check K518 Pro OBD cable hardware yourself?

Select Immo & remote>> OBDII>> OBD hardware self-check>> OBD hardware self-check

Need to connect the 12V power supply and OBD cable to the device correctly

No need to connect the OBD cable to the vehicle’s OBD port

If there is a problem with the OBD cable, it will show an error message such as “Damage detected on Pin 1”.

In this situation, disconnect the current OBD cable, and connect another OBD cable to Lonsdor K518 Pro tablet.

OBD cable self-check completed and the hardware function is normal now.

Besides, there is a small bulb symbol in the upper right corner of K518Pro. It can open the light of the OBD cable to help users find the OBD port more easily in the dark.