How to Fix BMW FEM BDC Coding Lost by Yanhua Mini ACDP 2?

If you use Yanhua Mini ACDP 2 and Module 2 to pre-process BMW FEM/BDC module and appear coding lost problem, how to solve it?

Don’t worry! It can be fixed by recovering EEPROM data and coding data.

Prompt 1:

FEM/BDC preprocessing is abnormal

Prompt 2:

WiFi connection is disconnected during preprocessing FEM/BDC

The solution:

1.Re-identify FEM/BDC

Reconnect ACDP 2

Select BMW >> FEM/BDC >> IMMO/ Mileage >> FEM/BDC (F Chassis) >> OBD detect FEM/BDC

Follow the prompts to use the ACDP standard power adapter (voltage+ 12V, current >= 2.5A), and connect Mini ACDP 2 and FEM/BDC.

Compare the original FEM info to check whether the version and coding are lost.

If they are lost, we can reverse-write the data to repair it.

Save the file before going to the next step.

2.Recover EEPROM Data

Take add key as an example.

Select Mode 1: Add key >> FEM/BDC initial programming process >> Method 2: Manual single step operation >> Step 6: Recover EEPROM Data

We have prepared ICP memory adapter interface methods for reading and writing 95128/95256

ICP: Memory and MCU in circuit programming.

Select the connection mode for reading and writing 95128/95256:

  • Memory adapter read/write interface: ICP

Select the type of memory:

  • SPI EEPROM: M95128(FEM) or SPI EEPROM: M95256 (BDC)

Here we select M95128 (FEM)

Click “Recover”

Ready to recover 95128/95256 data, click OK to select original data file and recover it to EEPROM.

Select the original data based on the date and time

Recover EEPROM data successfully

3.Recover Coding Data

Select Step 7: Recover Coding Data

Ready to recover coding data. Click OK to select the backed up coding file.

Selected the original coding data based on date and time.

Recover coding data successfully

4.Check if the version info and coding are correct

Back to OBD detect FEM/BDC again.

Check whether the version info and coding are correct.

If correct, the repair is successful.

Whether the FEM/BDC support preprocess: YES

Have the EFM/BDC been preprocessed: No

Click “OK”.

Re-preprocess FEM/BDC with Yanhua ACDP as needed.


The method applies to Yanhua Mini ACDP-1 as well.