How to Solve Fetrotech Tool Installation Problem with Window

The Solution to Installation Problem of Fetrotech Tool Installation Package:

When the following prompt box (“There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A program run as part of the setup did not finish as expected. Contact your support personnel or package vendor.”) appears when you install the installation package in the Windows 10 system, please install it according to our method.


1.Open the task manager

2.Click the “File” option, then select “Run new task”

3. Click “Browse”optionto enter, find the “FetrotecToolSetup.msi” installation package, and then open.

4.Click “OK”to start the installation of Fetrotech tool software.

Other Fetrotech Tool Install problem and solution:

1. When the taskbar disappears, it means that the software has not been started successfully. You need to restart the computer and the taskbar will automatically recover.
2. The software crashes mean Fetrotech tool did not install it successfully. The software will not let it open and use. You need to uninstall all the software and install it again according to the instructions

Video Guide:

Fetrotech Software Installation Error Solution: Flashback/ Task Disappear/ Reinstall System

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Win 10 Pro 64 bit:

One-click backup and restore tool:

Replacement File “AmtTools.dll”, “FetrotechTool.dll”:

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