How-to guide: Condor XC-MINI Master cut Ford/Jaguar F021 key

This is a guide for using Condor XC-MINI Master to cut a new Ford/Jaguar F021 key. Below are steps and pictures for your reference.

Machine used:

iKeycutter CONDOR XC-MINI Master Series Automatic Key Cutting Machine

Step1. Start Condor XC-MINI, Click “Cut by Bitting” on main menu.


Choose “F021” and click the arrow icon to confirm.


Enter bitting: 241434


Step2. Put M3 clamp (Now combine with M2 as one) tighten, insert the blank F021 key and tighten.


Ensure the key at position A1 then click “Cut”.


Turn the key position to A2 and click “Cut”.

condor-xc-mini-cut-ford-jaguar-f021-key-6 condor-xc-mini-cut-ford-jaguar-f021-key-7

Then change key position and cut in this order: A3→A4→B2→B3→B4→opposite side C→ opposite side D.

After that cutting complete! Remove the key. In this way Condor XC-MINI successfully cut a new F021 key for Ford or Jaguar!