(NEW) Honda Acura HON66 key cutting guide with Condor XC-MINI

This blog is another Honda Acura HON66 key cutting guide by using Condor XC-MINI Key Cutting Machine. It will totally cost you only 5 minutes to cut a Honda HON66 new key. Clear and simple to operate!


Step1. Click “Cut by Bitting”.

Enter “HON66” to select key.

Select key type.


Step2. Use M2 clamp and put side A upwards according to screen diagram. Tighten the clamp.


Put and tighten the original Honda HON66 key on clamp.


Step3. Click “Key Decode” then click “Confirm”. Now Condor XC-MINI starts to decode the original key.

After that remove the original key and put the new key blade on clamp to tighten.


Step4. Click “Correcting& Cut” to start key duplicating.

Wait a while then one side of Honda HON66 is finished. Use the brush to clean up key blade.

Turn the other side upwards and tighten key blade on clamp. Click “Correcting& Cut” to complete key cutting.