How to fix ktag MPC555 “Communication error with the ECU”?

Look at the following images, I used ktag master Ksuite software to read & write MPC555, I got ” Communication error with the ECU: control all connections, if the problem persists, send the LOG file to the assistance”.

Its 2 day I try all instruction by ktag but no way to read this ecu
I use adapter 12
12v + = pin 4 ECU
CND = pin1  ECU

ktag-MPC555-error-01 ktag-MPC555-error-02 ktag-MPC555-error-03


And type of ECU:




You need Grnd , Battery +12volt and Ignition +12volt for ecu to wakeup and be able to read-write.
MPC5xx needs DSCK( timing clock) , DSDI(data in ) ,DSDO (Data out) , RESET for BDM communications.

Bosch BDM pads arrangement are different from Motorola BDM.Also wire 2 and wire 9 from KTAG bdm cable do supply +12volt to ecu you are working on ,,, and if you used wrong adapter then DSDI circuitry most likely fried in MPC5xx ,,, after that you will not be able to connect to mcu through BDM (background debug mode).


Good luck!


Thanks to @ familyman.