How to Clone Bosch ME17.8.8 with Launch X431 ECU Programmer on Bench?

Many ECU programmers at are able to clone Bosch ME17.8.8 on bench, such as Foxflash, CG FC200, OBDSTAR DC706 (check here). Launch X431 ECU&TCU Programmer also can support this feature. Let’s see how it works.

1.Connect X431 ECU Programmer and computer via USB cable

2.Run X-431 ECU & TCU Programmer PC software, input me17.8.8 in the search box to quickly find the ECU, it’s Baic Senova 2014-2017 A151E-1 1500 150 ME17.8.8 HW2_TC1728

3.Enter the main operation page

Check the wiring diagram by clicking “Direct connection of diagram”

Connect X431 ECU Programmer and ECU correctly according to the diagram

Supply power to the device as well

4.Read chip ID

5.Read EEPROM data and save the data

6.Read FLASH data and save the data


8.Connect to a new Bosch ME17.8.8 ECU and repeat the same steps to read chip ID, EEPROM & FLASH data

9.Upload the corresponding original files to write into the new Bosch ECU

All read and write operations are completed. Launch X431 ECU Programmer clone ME17.8.8 successfully