How many ways to read/write CAS4 data? ACDP the best?

Have collected common ways to read and write BMW CAS 4 data, including new and old methods:


Method 1: cut down cables

Method 2: remove components

Method 3: lift pins

Method 4: done by ICP


In detail….


Method 1: cut down cables

You should disable 2 connections in the PCB; that is, 2 cables need to be cut

Then need finish connection as before, after data is read and written

It’s risky and may lead to damage to the module


Method 2: remove components

You need remove 4 components in the board

And then desolder all after data is read and written

It’s time-consuming and requires desoldering experience


Method 3: lift pins

You should lift chips and put them back after all is done

Some data might be lost because of bad desoldering

It’s risky, difficult and time-consuming, easy to damage pins on the chip


Method 4: done by ICP


ACDP is the best, compared with all methods before.


Board with ports is used instead of desoldering

No need cut down cables, lift pins, remove components and desolder anything


Detail operations,please check here:

ACDP mini adds CAS4 keys: 3min done!


Data is read and written with security, with pin smart detection