How to read/write FEM/BDC without chip removal & desoldering

This is for those who are looking for the best way to program (read/write) FEM/BDC 95128/95256 chips.


Traditionally, for FEM/BDC programming:

You need remove chip 95128/95256 from FEM/BDC and desolder for data read and write.

Desolder and solder the chip twice




It’s difficult, time consuming and risky, because you need

– disassemble and desolder chip 95128/95256 twice (might damage the module)

– manually solder the chip (might lead to data lost)

But if you program FEM/BDC by ICP, the problem will be solved.


Done with ACDP mini:

FEM/BDC adapter:



1.Easy and time-saving

Special puncture socket replaces traditional welding, and the operation is simple and efficient.

2.Safe and reliable

No need disassembling and soldering

No need remove the 95128/95259 chip to read data

Never damage the anti-theft computer

Data can be read and written with pin intelligent detection


BMW FEM/BDC Coding and Programming Guide:

Part 1: BMW F-series FEM coding

Part 2: BMW F-series FEM programming


In detail…


Part 1: CGDI Prog does BMW F-series FEM coding

connect CGDI PROG BWM to the car via OBD

go to BMW F series coding

read ECU info

good network connection is required.

cgdi bmw reads out ECU data

select FEM_BODY for coding

backup coding


backup coding successfully and the data are saved under the path

FEM coding

cgdi-bmw coding succss!

job’s done!


Part 2: CGDI Prog does BMW F-series FEM programming


open the door and meter

connect CGDI PROG BWM to the car via OBD

go to BMW F series program

read ECU data

select FEM_BODY for programming

please make sure that the car battery has enough power during the programming and check the cable connection in a good condition

make sure VIN is correct

and support modification

CGDI-BMW is programming FEM

FEM programming success!

verify that FLASH is correct


Job’s done!