ACDP mini adds CAS4 keys: 3min done!

Video: How to step by step program a new CAS4 key with ACDP mini


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Look here: details with images…


Remove CAS4 from the car

The CAS is located under the steering wheel

Dismantle the CAS module


Prepare the following parts:

ACDP main unit



20 pin cable

CAS4 adapter

BAV-KEY adapter

Working key

Key blank



Install the copper pillar

Find the location hole D1-D4


Install the CAS4 adapter on the CAS4

acdp-cas4-read-write-2 acdp-cas4-read-write-4 acdp-cas4-read-write-5


Lock the CAS4 adapter with copper pillars

Clamp the adapter with PCB lock


Connect the ICP+OBP adapter, BDM01 adapter, CAS 4 adapter with the ACDP main unit

Power on ACDP

Run ACDP app on the mobile

acdp-cas4-read-write-5 acdp-cas4-read-write-7 acdp-cas4-read-write-8 acdp-cas4-read-write-9

Read CAS4 eeprom

acdp-cas4-read-write-9 acdp-cas4-read-write-11 acdp-cas4-read-write-12 acdp-cas4-read-write-21 acdp-cas4-read-write-12 acdp-cas4-read-write-15 acdp-cas4-read-write-21 acdp-cas4-read-write-15 acdp-cas4-read-write-18 acdp-cas4-read-write-18

Mode 1: add a new key with a working key

acdp-cas4-read-write-18 acdp-cas4-read-write-21 acdp-cas4-read-write-22 acdp-cas4-read-write-23 acdp-cas4-read-write-24 acdp-cas4-read-write-24 acdp-cas4-read-write-26 acdp-cas4-read-write-27 acdp-cas4-read-write-28 acdp-cas4-read-write-29 acdp-cas4-read-write-30

Job’s done!