Free Download Handy-Baby Car Key Copy v5.20 English Software

Free download the newest Cbay Handy Baby English v5.20 software to copy/ read/ write/ generate 4D, 46, 48, G chip.

Free download Handy-Baby v5.20 English rar:!1tkkVbCY!gIk1WD2amoo2cnQDsLkOFAs-RoXlnxVIwuOwaXY2KPk


Compatible device:

Handy-Baby Car Key Copy at


How to update handy-baby v5.20:


Chips supported:


chip 13, 40/41/42/44/45, 4C/46/48, 4D61/62/63/67/68/68﹢/71.

Able to tell if 48 chip is from original or deputy factory.


46, 4D and a partial of original 48 I.E Buick Excelle, you have to use special GMT46/4D Chips, ID48 chips which can change ID.


Chip 67 and 68: need the unlocked 4D chip to generate.

Specialized 48 chip: able to generate chip for only Seattle TA, VW TA, Skoda TA, Audi TA, SEAT TP, VW TP, Skoda TP, Audi TP and Jetta



How to use copy/ read/ write chip 46, 4D and 48 :


How to copy G chip:


Handy Baby Key Copy Initialize:

Please use with caution: only available for JMD46 / 4D and revisable UID48 chip. The data won’t be restored after the chip erased.

Enter program, select the chip type, press “OK” to restore to factory settings.


Handy Baby Key Copy Programmer Test Frequency:

Steps to test the key remote frequency: Enter program, make key close to the surface of left button, meanwhile press remote button, then the frequency will display.