How to copy G chip with Handy-Baby car key copy

Handy-baby car key copy v5.2.0 has succeeded in tests of G chip copy, not only supports 4D/46/48 chips copy.


NOTE: the newest car key copy for G chip at


Part 1 Decode procedure

1 Recognize the key

2 Connect to the laptop

3 Open the Windows Client

4 Press “OK” button to decode (Client is exchanging data at the same time)

5 Decode completes! Unplug the cable

6 Put the chip into coil and Press “OK” button to copy


Part 2 Authorization procedure

1 Update the software to version 5.0.0

2 Obtain the authorization files

3 Open the Client’s online decode software to automatically or manually connect to the port

4 Open Handy-Baby device for version information

5 Download the authorization files on Windows Client

6 Handy-Baby powers off automatically after authorization completes


Please connect the service to open G chip authorization and then follow the steps above to use G chip with Handy-Baby.


How to update handy baby to v5.2.0:



V5.2.0 car key copy feedback:

copy 2012 Toyota Yaris G chip…tested OK

copy 2012 Toyota COLLORA G chip…tested OK

copy 2014 Peugeot 301 46 chip…tested OK

2008 Honda Accord 46 chip …tested OK

2010 Cruze 46 chip…tested OK

2016 BMW 730 46 chip…tested OK

2012 Buick Regal 46 chip…tested OK

Honda Crosstour 46 chip…tested OK

2012 Focus…tested OK

2013 Breeze 48 chip…tested OK

2006 Fiat 48 chip…tested OK

2007 POLO 48 chip…tested OK

VW Beetle 48 chip…tested OK

Subaru outback 4D chip…tested OK