2015 Ford Focus add new key by Magic Wand, Quickly & X100 key programmer

New key programming success!! Today, our engineer managed to program a new key of 2015 Ford Focus with Magic Wand transponder, Quickly & OBDSTAR X100 key programmer.


2015 Ford Focus


Tools used:

The original key and new key

Quickly code reader

Magic Wand

OBDSTAR X100 Key Programming



Step 1- Test the original transponder key by Quickly transponder

ad-new-key-ford-magic-wand-quicky-x100 (1)

Put the original key into the slot in Quickly

Select Read or copy

ad-new-key-ford-magic-wand-quicky-x100 (2)

Wait and don’t remove the key

magic-wand-quicky-x100 (3)

The chip is 83

ad-new-key-ford-magic-wand-quicky-x100 (4)

Take the key and try to use it start the car

It’s working

ad-new-key-ford-magic-wand-quicky-x100 (5)

Then take out the key


Step 2- Test the new transponder key

ad-new-key-ford-magic-wand-quicky-x100 (6)

(the sane as how to test the original one above)

The chip is 4D 70

ad-new-key-ford-magic-wand-quicky-x100 (7)

Try to start the car by the new key

It doesn’t work

ad-new-key-ford-magic-wand-quicky-x100 (8)

Step 3- Format 4D 70 to 83 by MAGIC WAND transponder

Put the new key into the key reading & writing slot

ad-new-key-ford-magic-wand-quicky-x100 (9)

Press “8” “3” and “write” buttons, and green indicator displays

ad-new-key-ford-magic-wand-quicky-x100 (10)

Take the key away


Step 4- Program the new key via OBDSTAR X100 key programmer

(x300 is connected and starts in preparation)

select Ford-> Focus-> year: 2014-

ad-new-key-ford-magic-wand-quicky-x100 (11)

Select “programming a new key”

ad-new-key-ford-magic-wand-quicky-x100 (12)

Insert a new transponder key and switch ignition on

Magic Wand close to ignition

ad-new-key-ford-magic-wand-quicky-x100 (13)

X300 is reading pin code…

Switch ignition off

Switch ignition on

We own 3 keys to start this car


Key information

ad-new-key-ford-magic-wand-quicky-x100 (14)

It will take 4 minutes to program…

Get the pin code

ad-new-key-ford-magic-wand-quicky-x100 (15)

Now, we own 4 key to start this car

Try to start the car by the new key

It’s working

ad-new-key-ford-magic-wand-quicky-x100 (16)

Ford Focus 2015 new key programming success!