What’s good of SDConnect C4 in C5 housing?

December 17, 2019 uobdii 0

Mercedes Star Diagnosis SDConnect C4 in C5 housing is identical to the classic multiplexer circuit design and equipment of five cables. It functionally completely repeats the classic version. Just like the classic SDConnect, it has a full disable feature, white serial number, firmware updated to the latest version.

Dodge Ram Key Programming Using Launch X431 V

December 16, 2019 uobdii 0

I’ve logged in here I got to boot Launch X431 V up. I did a system scan to see what modules it’s equipped. We’re gonna enter into the wireless control module that will go hop in the car hopefully.

Autel AP200 code scanner is great for BMW F10 5 series

December 13, 2019 uobdii 0

I knew Autel had a great reputation for Euro import software and gave it a try. I wanted several of their $400 scanners but I just had issues justifying that expense. Benefit with those is you get tons of makes – downside is you pay for updates (usually at least $150/year).