CG70 Airbag Reset Tool Test: FORD FIESTA MK6 Airbag Auto Repair

CG CG70 Airbag Reset Tool Test: FORD FIESTA MK6 Airbag Auto Repair, read DTC, read & write EEPROM and clear crash, No dismantling, no welding, non-destructive repair.


Run CG70 software (here is V1.0.1.2)

Input C1BT-14 on the search box to quick search the model Ford> C1BT-14B321-CF

And check the wiring diagram to connect CG70 and MK6 airbag ECU correctly

Also connect CG70 to computer via USB cable

Then click “Auto Repair” button to start the process

Read out the fault code is B1193:00-8B CRASH Event Storage Full and Locked!!!

Then continue to read EEPROM data automatically

Manually save the file after reading

After that, it starts to clear crash from dump file… erase EEPROM… write EEPROM and clear errors

All are ok! The crash is cleared successfully.


CGDI CG70 V1.0.2.0 (newest software) adds 30 Ford air bag models below and will release soon.

J1GT-14B321-AB  R7F701A033

J1GT-14B321-AC  R7F701A033

J1GT-14B321-AD  R7F701A033

JD8T-14B321-CD  R7F701A033

JD8T-14B321-CE  R7F701A033

JX7T-14B321-BC  R7F701A033

JX7T-14B321-BD  R7F701A033

JX7T-14B321-BE  R7F701A033

K2GT-14B321-EB  R7F701A033

K2GT-14B321-EC  R7F701A033

K2GT-14B321-FB  R7F701A033

K2GT-14B321-FC  R7F701A033

K2GT-14B321-GA  R7F701A033

K2GT-14B321-HB  R7F701A033

K2GT-14B321-HC  R7F701A033

KX7T-14B321-BB  R7F701A033

KX7T-14B321-BC  R7F701A033

KX7T-14B321-DB  R7F701A033

LS7T-14B321-FA  R7F701A033

LV4T-14B321-SB  R7F701A033

LV4T-14B321-TB  R7F701A033

HS7T-14B321-AE  R7F701A033

HS7T-14B321-AF  R7F701A033

HS7T-14B321-AG  R7F701A033

HS7T-14B321-AH  R7F701A033

HS7T-14B321-AK  R7F701A033

HS7T-14B321-CE  R7F701A033

HS7T-14B321-CG  R7F701A033

HS7T-14B321-CJ  R7F701A033

LV4T-14B321-SC  R7F701A033

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