Autel IM608 Pro VW Beetle 2000-2005 Read Pin and Program Key

Have Volkswagen Beetle 2000-2005 VAG Type 2 VPW with Blade HU66 and transponder VW 48 Megamos to read pin and program key with Autel MaxiIM IM608.

We have J2534 ECU MaxiFlash JVCI connected to the OBD2 port of car, and Autel IM608 Pro is ready to use.

Used the original key to turn on the ignition, meanwhile IM608 boot.

Tap “IMMO”.

Accept the agreement.

Tap “Volkswagen”.

Tap “Manual selection”.

Tap “Europe” -> Beetle (1C/9C/1Y) 1998 -> 1998 -2011 1.4 Petrol -> Confirm vehicle profile.

Okay, enter “Vehicle immo information” and have key information including key type, chip number, key frequency, key appearance etc and it’s nice it shows OBD position.

Ok, back to select “Control unit” -> Immobilizer-> Auto obtain PIN/CS from engine-> Establishing vehicle information -> Turn ignition off for 5s and then back to ON. Press [OK] within 2s -> Communicating with the vehicle, please wait… -> Pin is read out successfully.

Back to select “Key Learning”.

Tap “Yes” to ensure the key learning can erase all keys.

The dashboard will turn off for 5 seconds.


So, Key learning is not difficult, the difficult part is PIN code reading, but Autel IM608 Pro did it successfully.