3 steps to Cut TOY43 Key using Xhorse Condor XC-Mini Find Bitting

This article will teach you how to use Xhorse Condor XC-Mini cut keys if parts of the car are missing bitting on door lock/trunk lock/ignition lock.


Step1: Select Car information

Connected to the power supply, open Condor XC-MINI

Enter main interface, Click on ‘Find Bitting’

Select car maker ‘’Toyota’

Enter ’TOY43’ and click on ‘Confirm’

Select key type and click on ‘Confirm’

Enter known bitting ‘23112134’

Enter unknown bitting as ‘?’

(Possible key bitting will be listed. Note that system has sorted the codes by the most

economical way in order to save blank keys. For example, the bitting under ‘First key’ only

needs three blank keys, the bitting under “Second Key” need another three blank keys, then the ‘third Key’…)


Step2: Prepare Key

Then push M1 clamp and tighten the clamp lock

Next put the blank TOY43 key on the M1 clamp and tighten it

Close the protective shield


Step3: Begin cutting

Click on ‘Find Bitting Code’

And click on ‘Cut’

It is processing…

Cutting complete!

You can clean up the clamp, probe and the cutter using the brush.