How to choose a diagnostic Tool for Honda and Toyota?

I am going to invest in a diagnostic tool for Honda and Toyota to all trouble codes and need to be ECM programming, KEY programming, and SRS diagnostic.


At the moment I am using Allscanner VCX tool. It can diagnostic Toyota & Honda vehicles but the problem is some functions can’t be supported by it. So I am going to buy a new and powerful tool for my cars.


So I search for advice from forum users which tool is good for my requirement.

From their advice I selected 4 tools and have done some research on them:

  1. Xhorse MVCI 3 in 1 V10.30.029


  1. Honda GNA600


  1. Honda HDS HIM


  1. MINI VCI Cable for Toyota TIS Techstream(with software CD)


After a deeper investigation, I finally decided to buy Honda HDS HIM + MINI VCI cable, the two products totally cost me about $130, cheap I think, and I will tell you why I choose them.

I directly gave up GNA600, with the almost same functions, it is much expensive (nearly $500) than others.

Xhorse MVCI 3 in 1 is a diagnostic tool for Honda and Toyota, in my opinion

MVCI 3 in 1 can do similar job with Honda HDS HIM and MINI VCI, sounds good but some forum users share their experience with me that Xhorse 3 in 1 is not effective for ECM programming & key programming, so I abandon it.

As for Honda HDS HIM and TIS Techstream, two products are respectively designed for Honda and Toyota, functions are also very comprehensive, they can do everything I want. HDS HIM price is $95 and TIS Techstream is $26.99.

 And you can download the newest Toyota TIS Techstream Here:

Newest Toyota TIS Techstream Software Free Download

HDS HIM for my Honda and TIS Techstream for my wife’s Toyota, very convenient, no need to take the diagnostic tool from the car to another if both cars need to diagnose.