Xtool X100 PAD Tablet Key Programmer/diagnostic tool Feedback

I have researched here and there for a great functional car diagnostic tool, finally I choose XTOOL X100 PAD, now I have received and I will tell you why I purchase it. Hope it offer reference for you.

These are photos of x100 pad:

xtool-x-100-pad-tablet-key-programmer-1 xtool-x-100-pad-tablet-key-programmer-2


Let’s begin to talk about it from the function. According to my research, X-100 PAD is a tablet with the latest technologies to perform key programming and you can use it to do these things:

*key programming

*Mileage adjustment

*Oil service light reset

*Timing belt service light reset

*Tire pressure warning light reset

*Reads keys from immobilizer’s memory

* PIN Code Reading

*EPB reset

*Throttle body reset

*DPF reset

*Battery reset

*Steering angle calibration

*OBD-II diagnosis

*and more

Very comprehensive function, according to some forum friends, these functions work well on Europe& US cars such as Audi, VW, Ford, Porsche etc. The price $449 is affordable for me. To think that most garages charge $400.00 just to scan my car, at the price I can scan my car and do much more job with this intelligent diagnostic equipment.


Next I will share my experience with you:

This tool should be activated before using, so you should input activation code, product serial number, nickname, login account (email address or cell phone number is OK) and password to activate it.

Note: each device has a serial number and activation code, like this:


Then the system will then save it and the diagnostic application will start after activation, you need to study these function for some time.

This is special functions interface


Exhaust Gas Treatment (DPF) Features interface


EEPROM Adapter Features interface


And I find an interesting function–-remote diagnosis

I no longer have to worry about how to operate, once I encounter problems and not able to solve them, I can open this application and ask for remote assistance.

If you need to use this, you should click Remote Diagnosis and open the TeamViewer interface. Generate and display device ID. Notice that your partner will also need to download and install TeamViewer. Finally inform your partner of your TeamViewer ID and password to enable them to begin remote access of X-100 PAD.


A summary, I am satisfied with this X100 PAD diagnostic tool, it helps me a lot on mileage adjustment oil reset, thanks it!