Xhorse VVDI2 and Kess V3 Read and Modify EDC17C50 BMW MINI ISN

How to read and modify ISN from EDC17C50 BMW MINI Cooper engine ECU?

It can be done with Xhorse VVDI2 key programmer and original Kess V3 on bench.

First operation:

Read BMW ISN with VVDI2

VVDI2 and BMW MINI EDC17C50 ECU diagram:

Need to connect CAN-L, CAN-H, VCC, and GND cables

Connect VVDI2 key programmer to computer via USB cable

Open VVDI2 software, and click BMW

Select Key Learn>> ECU/CAS ISN>> E-Series ISN- EDC17xx (16 Bytes)

Read ECU information and ECU ISN successfully

You also can read VIN, change ISN and VIN there, and save the file to write into a new BMW engine if you want.

Second operation:

Backup BMW EEPROM data with Alientech KESS V3, and load file with Xhorse VVDI2 to read ISN


PIN Color Description
PIN 1, 18 Red VECU
PIN 2 Black GND
PIN 56 White CAN-H
PIN 55 Green CAN-L
PIN 92 Light Blue GPT1
PIN 89 Pink GPT2

Plug in the bench power supply 1400K3ALIM to the KESS3

Connect the cable 144300KBNC to the ECU connector, using the appropriate extension 144300KTER according to the above diagram

Connect KESS3 ECU Programmer to computer via USB cable

After connection, run ALIENTECHsuite software

Input edc17c50 in the searching box to quickly obtain the corresponding ECU model

Click “Continue” to next step

Select bench mode to read and save the EEPROM data

Go to VVDI2 ECU/CAS ISN interface and select E-Series ISN- EDC17xx (16 Bytes)

Click “Load From File” to upload the original EEPROM data just saved with ALIENTECH Kess3

Read BMW ISN successfully

After that, you can change ISN according to your needs.