Foxflash ECU Programmer Ownership Transfer Guide

Recently, some customers asked how to transfer ownership if they want to buy a used foxflash ECU programmer or sell their foxflash to a friend. It can be done by your original seller or foxflash official tech support. Check the details below.

Method 1: Contact your original seller

Please send your foxflash tool S/N and order information. (Ensure you are purchasing an eligible item)

Your seller will report the transformation request to foxflash team.

Method 2: Contact

Please send your foxflash S/N, seller information and request

Foxflash Official Website Instructions:

Before buying used foxflash products, foxflash tech will ask you send both the serial number of the tool and the data of the seller so that you know:

-Type of license and activated software packages

-Possibility of installation on other computers

-Warranty on any damage

-Cost of transfer of ownership