AcDelco E78 ECM Clone with Alientech KESS V3 in Boot Mode

Alientech KESS V3 ECU programmer cloned AcDelco E78 ECM through boot mode perfectly.

It’s a little slow to read the ECU, but fast to write ECU.

Connect KESS V3 and computer via USB cable

Run Alientech suite software

Select Chevrolet and AcDelco E78 to quickly find the ECU model

Then go to the next page to select boot mode

Follow the prompt to check the manual

Refer to the diagram to connect Kess3 ECU programmer and the original AcDelco E78 ECM

1.Remove the cover of AcDelco E78 ECM

2.Solder a wire to the Boot PIN and the CNF 1 PIN

3.Plug in the bench power supply 1400K3ALIM to the Kess 3

4.Conenct the cable 144300KBNC to the ECU connector, using the appropriate extensions 144300KTER, according to the pinout below

  • PIN 73= GND (Black)
  • PIN 43= CAN L (Green)
  • PIN 29= CAN H (White)
  • PIN 19, 20= VECU (Red)

After connection, identify ECU first

Then click “Clone ECU” to read the original ECU info

After that, unplug the original ECM, and connect KessV3 to a new ECM correctly

Start to write the ECU automatically, and wait a while until the process is completed.

Write the ECU successfully, and the ECU cloning is completed with Alientech KESS3.