Xhorse VVDI remote keys Review and Comparison

Xhorse VVDI remote keys include: VVDI Wired Key, Wireless Key, Super Remote, Smart Remote. Let’s look at the following comparison table on their similarities and differences.

Wired Key Wireless Key Super Remote Smart Remote
Target User The user who
only matches remote, or those who have their own transponder to put it into the remote for matching.
The user who want to copy 46, or to generate 11,12,13,47,38 chip though 46, or to generate remote. Will cover the chip types that vvdi super chip can clone and generate,suitable for the user who want to generate remote. The user whose car key is smart remote
Item NO. SA1449-1 SA1789-1 SA1883-1 SA1884-1
Package Color Red Blue Purple Orange
Package appearance   vvdi-wired-key-package-01   vvdi-wireless-key-package-02   vvdi-super-remote-package-03   vvdi-smart-remote-package-04
Remote key appearance vvdi-wired-key-package-0102 vvdi-wireless-key-package-0202 vvdi-super-remote-package-0302 vvdi-smart-remote-package-0402
PCB appearance vvdi-wired-key-package-0103 vvdi-wireless-key-package-0203 vvdi-super-remote-package-0303 vvdi-smart-remote-package-0403
Bonus Points 25 points 40 points 40 points 60 points
Factory Code XK series XN series XE series XS series
Remote control
Wired remote control × × ×
When using vvdi key tool/ vvdi2 to generate remote key, install the battery first ×
Keyless Go × × ×
Will start the car after matching successfully × (without immo chip)
Transponder × ×
Generate other models of transponder × ×
Transponder copy 46 × ×
Only use xhorse device to generate remote
Match remote by using device
Manual match remote ×
Use VVDI2 to match MQB remote key × × ×

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