Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Activated List (What Work)

Available with Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Activated List (equals to what car models /IMMO system it covers), it will be very helpful for those who are strongly interested in this key programmer.


Here we go:

Volkswagen 4th generation: Activated (Permanent)

Volkswagen 5th generation: Activated(Permanent)

CAS1/CAS2/CAS3 : Activated(Permanent)

CAS4/FEM_BDC : Activated(Permanent)

Benz authorization: Activated(Permanent)

Mini Prog authorization: Activated(Permanent)

AI-Car remote type: Activated

AI-Key blade type: Activated

AI-PIN code: Activated

Remote-vehicle remote: Activated

Remote-Garage remote: Activated

Remote-Proximity remote: Activated

Generate transponder -7935/46/4D/48/8C: Activated

Generate transponder – Toyota H(8A) : Activated

Transponder clone -ID48 (96bits) : Activated (Paid license, support calculation with bonus points and token)

Transponder clone -ID46: Activated

Transponder clone -ID4D: Activated

Transponder clone -ID4E: Activated

Transponder clone -ID70/83: Activated

Transponder clone – ID11/12/13/4C/8C: Activated

Transponder clone -Toyota/Daihatsu G: Activated

Transponder clone -Toyota H (8A) : Activated

Transponder clone -ID33/42: Activated

Transponder edit – 11/12/13/4C: Activated

Transponder edit -46/47/48/4D/4E: Activated

Remote clone -Fix code: Activated

Remote clone – Rolling code: Activated

Remote clone -Make new: Activated

Detect remote frequency: Activated

Remote Renew: Activated

Set type of VVDI Super transponder: Activated

VVDI Special TP: Activated

Special 4D to 4C: Activated

Unlock Toyota Smartkey: Activated

ID63 to ID83: Activated

Hyundai /Kia Pin code: Activated

Copy BYD smart key: Activated

Detect ignition coil signal: Activated

Online technical support: Activated

Technical center: Activated

Video center: Activated

History: Activated

Transponder Clone- ID48 offline: Activated

Cutting key from database: Activated

All key lost query bitting: Activated

Find bitting: Activated

Cut by bitting: Activated

Universals key duplication: Activated

Immo programming: Activated

BYD all key lost: Activated

Memory: Activated

Immobilizer: Activated

Dashboard: Activated

Airbag: Activated

Here I attach the related images screenshot from the VVDI Key Tool Plus tablet: