Humzor Nexzdas Pro Reviews & diagnose 2014 Honda Accord

Let’s Look Humzor Nexzdas Pro tablet up one 2014 Honda Accord to perform all-system diagnosis.

Firstly, open the box and take a look at the accessories: one 9.6-inch tablet, one Bluetooth adapter, one power supply adapter and one usb type-c cable.

Part 1. Register an account, download software and diagnose 2014 Honda Accord.

Turn on the tablet and enter Nexzdas pro app. After receiving it, you are required to register first, and then enter the app store to download the vehicle model software including “Vehicle”, “Special function” and “IMMO” (Note: after downloading “Vehicle”, please go forward to download “Special function” and “IMMO”, do not miss any one of them.)

Now return to the home menu, plug the Bluetooth adapter into the car, the Bluetooth adapter is automatically connected to the tablet without setting, after the Bluetooth connection succeed, the Bluetooth indicator on the upper right corner of the tablet will display blue (if not connected, it will display red) .

Alright, now we choose the first “Car Diagnosis” menu. Because the tablet is connected to a 2014 Honda Accord, enter Asian -> Honda -> Japan -> diagnose -> Auto -> control unit ( The tablet can access to dozens of Honda modules) -> Engine-> Gasoline engine -> Read ECU information -> read DTCs -> clear DTCs -> Data List -> ECM reset and some special functions.

We now read the data stream first, select all and tap “next”, ok, the data stream is read out.

Now we exit to read the fault code, okay the fault code is read out, and then click here to clear the fault code directly.

Part 2. Back to the home to have an overview of Humzor Nexzdas Pro function menu.

  1. Car diagnosis:the full-system diagnosis on a bunch of car models from America, Europe, Asia, China, Australia as well as OBDII.

Here are Humzor Nexzdas Pro function list:!ZFRW0QjQ!TysPEpuu377HYuMo1DROuA

  1. Special Function: abs bleeding, battery matching, DPF regeneration, EPB, injector coding, oil maintenance, TPMS reset, SAS steering angle reset, TPS throttle matching , IMMOKEY.

  1. Key Programming:have many workable car brands from Europe, Asia and America.

  1. DTC query: input the fault code, and you will see the explanation which will direct you how to do next.

5.VIN Query: input the VIN number and tap “Search Vehicle Info”, and then you will have the vehicle details.

  1. Personal: view the registered user information, the newest version of the app, if there is an update, you can directly tap “Upgrade” here.

  1. Remote Assistance: is designed for Humzor engineer to provide remote support to help the user to solve the problem.
  2. Feedback:fill in the specific model information and the description of the problem, then upload the error images. and then submit to the Humzor server for solution.

  1. Setup: to view system information, Units switch between metric and imperial, search engine, Run Mode switch between diagnosis and demo mode, software language (so far there are 10 languages available, Humzor will continue to add new languages ​​according to the user’s need).

  1. Other function option:for all of the available options, I’d like to emphasize “Data Manage”, the APPS option allows the user to uninstall the old software to free up space and download the new version of the software.

FYI, if you are interested in Humzor NexzDAS Pro tablet, I recommend you buy from here:

And these are Humzor Nexzdas Pro features what the dealer claims:

  1. Nexzdas tablet will take bring user a good visual experience with 9.0 Android system, 4GB RAM, octa core 2.0G CPU, 1920*1200 high-resolution, 10.1 inch tablet, smart capacitive touch screen.
  2. 4700mAh large-capacity battery bring convenience to the users who work outside.
  3. Comes with high-definition camera for taking pictures and recording videos.
  4. Comes with 2 SIM card slots and 1 TF expansion slot, you can insert a 4G phone card into the SIM slot for phone call and using 4G Internet.

Alright, thanks for your reading. See you next time.