Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Max Pro Review: Conbine with Key Tool Max and MINI OBD Tool

Xhorse new released Key Tool Max Pro which conbine functions of Key Tool Max and Mini OBD Tool, Advanced performance optimized experience,Built-in OBD Module, battery voltage and leakage detection and expanded immo programming capability.

Main Functions:

IMMO Programming
Vehiche Maintenance
Remote leakage detection
Remote battery voltage detection
Generate Remote and Smart Key
Progarm and Clone IMMO Transponder
Generate Special Transponder
Renew Remote
Recognize and Clone Accesscard
Generate and Clone Garage Remote
Frequency Detection and Clone Remote
Connect to Xhorse Key Cutting Machine

As Reliable as Usual:

As the latest tool from KEY TOOL series, KEY TOOL MAX PRO for sure includes the commonly-used remote and transponder operations like clone, generate and identify.
It also offers other popular features such as maintenance, IC/ID clone, pair with Xhorse key cutting machines and MINI PROG etc.

Xhorse Key Tool MAX Pro VS Key Tool Max:

Item Key Tool Max Pro Key Tool Max
CPU Quad core CPU Quad core CPU
RAM 1G+8G 1G+8G
OBD module Yes, Built-in External Mini OBD Tool
CANFD module Yes No
Battery Voltage Test Yes No
Immobilizer programming Yes, Built-in External Mini OBD Tool
Cadillac CT4/CT5 CAN FD Yes No
Chevrolet Cavalier/Trax  CAN FD Yes No
Service Reset Yes, Built-in External Mini OBD Tool
Generate remote (remote, smart card, Toyota XM remote, garage remote) Yes Yes
Copy remote Yes Yes
Identify/copy chip Yes Yes
Generate chip Yes Yes
File make key (Immo data tool) Yes Yes
Other special functions Yes Yes

Providing all these new and popular functions, Key Tool Max Pro definitely a competitive and overall tool for you. For years, Xhorse is dedicated to bringing the most intuitive and cost-effective tool to auto locksmiths. Moving forward, we will continue offering latest technologies and mature solutions and benefiting the industry.