XHORSE Remote Tester is verified to test (infrared) frequency

XHORSE Remote Tester is verified to test frequency (infrared frequency) successfully; just need 7 seconds.

Here is the video of 7 seconds to perform remote test:



This is the remote tester tested working.


xhorse-remote-tester-working (1) xhorse-remote-tester-working (2) xhorse-remote-tester-working (3) xhorse-remote-tester-working (4)

Source: http://www.uobdii.com/wholesale/xhorse-remote-tester.html


Why to get this Xhorse-made remote tester?

1- With battery inside,easy to use and carry
2- Automatic switching function, save power.
3- Rapid detection of key frequency, infrared Benz Key fast.


What is the frequency range that can be tested?



How to use Xhorse Remote Tester?
it is very easy to test frequency using this tester.

xhorse-remote-tester-for-radio-frequency-infrared-1 xhorse-remote-tester-for-radio-frequency-infrared-2 xhorse-remote-tester-for-radio-frequency-infrared-3 xhorse-remote-tester-for-radio-frequency-infrared-4


  1. How to test frequency:

Put the remote control close to the device

Press any button on the remote control

The indicator that turns on is the frquency


  1. How to test infrared frequency:
    Press the key

The infrared indicator turns on – good, off – bad


Xhorse remote tester needs battery to work with; but the package does not includes battery, please prepare it by yourself.

xhorse-remote-tester-battery-1 xhorse-remote-tester-battery-2