V6 Key Cutting machine car key database installation

This is the step-by-step instruction on how to install / setup X6 automated key machine car key database to read key information.


Step 1 – Install CAR key database

Run CAR key database to install

Click Next to install CAR key database

install-X6-key-machine-database (1)

Select installation location, then click Next

Click Install to begin installation

CAR key database isntallation success! Click Finish.

install-X6-key-machine-database (2)


Step 2 – Register X6 key machine

Open Car key database on Desktop

install-X6-key-machine-database (3)

Enter registration details, then click Reigister

install-X6-key-machine-database (4)

Activate X6 via telephone

install-X6-key-machine-database (5)

install-X6-key-machine-database (6)

Run Kegen, enter activation reference to get activation code

Then enter activation code for database

install-X6-key-machine-database (7)

Information (it is recomended that you take a minute to …) pops up, click ok

Setup wizard

install-X6-key-machine-database (8)

Enter password; if not exist without password (it’s okay)


Step 3 – read key info

Enter info to Find the same code series…

install-X6-key-machine-database (9)

Mactching series (9): Holden SU17UTK30

install-X6-key-machine-database (10) install-X6-key-machine-database (11)