Xhorse Multi-Prog Feedback: Read BMW/ BENZ 271DE/ MED17.7.2/ Peugeot MEV 17.4.2 OK

Here comes some feedback about Xhorse MultiProg Programmer.

1.Read BMW Bosch MEVD17.2.9 ECU ISN/EEPROM/Flash on bench-OK

Run Multi-Prog software on a computer (Win7/Win10/Win11 are ok)

Select Device>> ECU>> BMW>> BMW_BOSCH_MEVD17.2.9_Fxx (N20)>> OK

Click “Detail” to check the connection diagram

Connect Multi-prog and BMW ECU via Multi-Prog ECU Adapter and ECU harness plug  correctly

Connect the device to the computer via a USB cable

Supply power to the device and turn on the host switch

Read ISN successfully

Read INT EEPROM and INT FLASH data in sequence and save the corresponding data

Everything works fine!

2.Read Benz MED17. 7.2 on bench- OK

Xhorse Multi Prog and Benz ECU connection



3.Clone BENZ 271de ECU on bench- OK

4.Read Peugeot MEV17.4.2  TC1767 INT EEPROM/FLASH in boot mode-OK

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